What is SATL

Smartpool250 is an intelligent service provider for the production of Smartsel tokens (SATL) and an organizer of token sharing, for the quality maintenance of the life cycle of the ecosystem being created, in the future, based on artificial intelligence, the concept of autonomous cryptonomics will be developed for guaranteed income to holders.

SATL tokens developed according to the ERC20 standard will be used for payments in the ecosystem, as well as to reduce user fees and encourage liquidity providers.

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To do this, you need to have an account in the MetaMask wallet and a sufficient amount of Ethereum on your balance to activate the smart node via smartpool250.com in accordance with the attached instructions on the Betting page. Attention! In order not to lose access to Metamask and smartnode, be sure to save the SID phrase and the private key from the account.

To do this, go to the betting page, click “Start mining”, ETH will be converted to SATL, depending on the tariff smartpool250.com after integrating the MetaMask wallet with the smart contract, you will need to confirm this action again, and then send funds to activate smartnode (to speed up the process, you can set a gas limit of 200,000 units for the Ethereum network, and then create a new transaction). To see the tokens at the smartnode address, you need to add a token to the MetaMask wallet using the “Add Token” button, then find the SATL token in the list and add it to the wallet, after which 10 SATL tokens in MetaMask will appear in the wallet, which means that smartnode is activated. At the same time, the frozen funds at the smartnode address will be in your wallet with a MetaMask that you can always use. To reduce the cost of the transaction fee, you can use the service ethgasstation.info where you can find out the price of gas in Gwei, the price varies depending on the network load. And there is another positive point, the price of gas is always lower on weekends, as traders rest and, accordingly, the load on the network is less.

The Gas limit is a limit on the amount of Gas that can be transferred per completed transaction. The minimum transaction amount is 21,000 units of Gas.
It is recommended to set the upper limit value of the gas. If the amount of Gas is not enough for a successful transaction, it will be returned with the status “Failed”. Regardless of what the outcome was, the producer is paid for the Gas, as they have already spent resources on this operation.
For successful implementation of the smart contract, we recommend setting a Gas limit of 200,000 units. If, for example, a transaction requires 100,001 units of Gas, and you set 100,000 units of Gas, the program will not give a result and this amount will be spent.

To transfer ETH, 21 000 Gas is required. The price of Gas is measured in the minimum part of the Ethereum Рwei network. However, in almost all wallets, this parameter is displayed in the Gwei,  i.e. 1 000 000 000 wei. For example, if 1 Gas is equal to 30 Gwei, the commission will be:
21000 * 0.00000003 = 0.00063 ETH.
The gas price can be determined based on the required transaction speed. The more Gwei per 1 Gas, the faster the transaction will be completed. There is a special service called Ethereum Gas Commission Calculator, which allows you to calculate the optimal price for Gas.

According to statistics, the maximum transfer fee was $288. The highest gas price is 14,638 GW.

To get rewarded, you need to go to the betting page in the pool and click the “Get rewarded” button. The tokens will appear on the MetaMask address from which smartnode was activated, provided that the frozen 10 SATL were stored on the address in MetaMask.

To get rewarded, you need to go to the betting page in the pool and click the “Get rewarded” button. The tokens will appear on the MetaMask address from which smartnode was activated, provided that the frozen 10 SATL were stored on the address in MetaMask.

The site has more of an informational function. All the functions of the project are completely autonomous. If the site stops working for any reason, it will not affect the payment of rewards. In this case, you will simply need to send 0 (zero) ETH to the address of the smart contact from the address in the MetaMask from which the smart node was activated. After that, a reward of 10 SATL will appear on the smartnode address in the MetaMask wallet and all subsequent accruals using the same method can be received an infinite number of times, as long as the Ethereum platform exists.

The accrual of remuneration can be found directly in the smart contract. To do this, you need to go to etherscan.io in the “Read Contract” section, find the 10. getDividends function, click this button, then the “account (address)” cell will open, enter the smartnode address in it and click the “Query” button, after which the amount of dividends in Wei units will be displayed, taking into account the frozen tokens. To find out how many tokens were mined, you need to click on the number itself and then you will go to the converter page where the number of tokens will be indicated in the Ether line. If you click the “Query” button, 10000000000000000000 Wei is displayed – this means 10 Gwei or 10 SATL, i.e. the number of frozen tokens, so the reward has not yet been credited.

The remuneration is calculated by the smart contract on the 30th day of each month. The reward is 10 SATL.

SATL tokens can be exchanged on the Uniswap exchange for liquid cryptocurrencies, and then pay for services.If the marker is not found in the list Uniswap.org, then enter the address of the smart contract in the search bar and import the token for exchange.

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